Time for a renewal!

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Time for a renewal!

Is it time for a renewal of your space with the new year?
Here are some ideas to change as you wish for your space. New trends bring austerity with minimal style. Read some tips and ideas bellow..

1) Colors such as white or beige on the floor, kitchen and bathroom countertops or even sofas and armchairs, create a calm in the space and differ from the classic options in combination with decorative objects in bright colors are a good choice to renew the space.

2) In small spaces invest in good, durable materials that on the one hand offer practicality and do not wear out over time and on the other hand.. luxury!

3) Combine natural materials in your space such as wood, marble ..you can decorate the corners of your house with ceramic items too.

4) In square living rooms and generally in areas with clean, parallel lines, choose large elongated or oval dining rooms that give perspective to the space and are a “base” and a beginning to decorate your space.

5) Make it clear that you do not need .. throw away or donate items that are no longer useful to you. Keep the important things for you and create the right space for new additions..in addition our house reflects our inner “world”!

6) Use blankets or colored duvets that you do not use in sofa covers or transform them into large pillowcases that will decorate your living room. You can create carpets or rugs from old fabrics in order not to throw them away. Spend personal time in your space and he will reward you!

7) Some scented candles create a warm atmosphere offering a wonderful scent.

8) Do not forget the indoor plants which have low requirements for watering and in contact with sunlight. They offer freshness in the space and positive energy!

For more ideas .. our architectural team is willing to help you!


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