Material proccessing

different material contractions

Material proccessing

Let’s talk about the texture and appearance of natural materials

Texture, shape, design… where should I end up? Which material treatment should I choose?

It is important that each project has materials that meet its needs and specifications. The construction sector has always aimed at the practical utilization of natural materials with the aim of upgrading people’s lives and their better living. Each project has different requirements depending on its type, so the process of selecting materials is essential before each step.

For example, marbles with sandblasting treatment are ideal for the use of exterior tiles, in exterior and interior masonry cladding as well as pool cladding, thanks to the matte surface that “gives”.

The matte -in matte form- natural materials are placed in places that may want to keep a more “serious” tone. If you have small children you can choose an unglazed form of marble, for floors with non-slip effect and special effect.

Flame machining is widely known for its characteristic matte texture-shape. The result is a rough surface, mild relief that makes the material ideal as an investment in swimming pools, outdoors, on terraces of cottages and elsewhere

The waterfall treatment is done after first making deep grooves 5-6mm wide in the material, of deep depth, which when chipped, creates a very strongly embossed surface, special, handmade.

Skapitsaristo is a treatment that is done with blows in socoro, while the result is a natural crushed, rough and irregular surface, suitable for interior and exterior wall coverings.

The “beaten-Zagre” treatment gives the form of a “wild” and Zagre material, with the help of machines that hit the stone with special tools. Its surface is highly textured, which means that the material, with this treatment, is non-slip and suitable for exterior floors, ramps, jacuzzis, showers, etc

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