Marble Durability

Marble Durability

Marble is a durable material, however like all natural materials it is good to take care of it regularly. With proper care, their luster remains in time.

The use of “light” floor cleaners without bleach is initially avoided. Bleach would not be a problem, however, the more natural materials, the better. It’s also good to avoid, in marble kitchen counters, the long contact of marble with acidic elements such as lemon and orange.


Finally, the marbles do not forget that with a polish they return to their original image. The use of coasters is recommended under the glass bases.

Some natural ways to clean the marble surface:

Green soap is a natural solution to various types of stains.

For persistent oil stains the use of ammonia is recommended. Lemon, although not used in marble, is only recommended for the treatment of rust stains. Remove any yellowish ones with baking soda which is left on the spot for a while until the stains are gone.


Marble as a natural material is timeless and durable on its own.

However, in order to remain untouched in time, the human factor plays a big role. Like all natural materials, marble with a few “movements” can remain shiny and unique for many years.


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