Make the difference!

Make the difference!

Often our choices remain classic, especially in matters concerning our space as it is the place where we spend many hours on a daily basis. Often we do not want to experiment, staying “safe” by making classic choices.

However, there are many natural materials that are special and differ from the -timeless- white marble or from some granites. Let us know some natural materials which are not so widespread in the general public but their uniqueness and variety can give many ideas for your next renovation ..

  1. Onyxes are an excellent choice as they are rocks that allow light to penetrate and have a light transparent appearance. ttps://
  2. Some red marble choices: The colored and mainly red natural materials “warm” the space giving a warm tone.Ιdeal for winter homes and “warm” living rooms ..,
  3. Green choices:

4. Granites: A classic choice. They are common on bathroom and kitchen benches as well as on floors. You can make tables as well as decorative items. They have a timeless hue but also a uniqueness, style and finesse….


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