It’s all about bathrooms

It’s all about bathrooms

Its all about bathrooms

It is not only a practical matter but it is also a matter of aesthetics; the reason for the bathroom space.

The bathroom is the place where we spend a lot of time to ourselves, where we prepare for work, when we relax, when we become more beautiful, therefore we want an elegant and practical space. Marbles in white, beige and light shades are a good choice while through the process of waterproofing and polishing, the material has no absorbency and is suitable for contact with water and the liquid element.

Marble is also a material that easily removes dirt and does not stain with chemicals due to its waterproofing. It is often used outdoors, in swimming pools and in places with a liquid element due to its timelessness, durability and durability.

New trends include granites and light marbles. Marbles in intense shades can give more “character” and style to the space while in combination with other materials such as glass or wood they can keep a more classic character.

Which is your favorite? .. Through a wide range of options, you will find the one that suits your space and highlights it better.




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