Interview in Build Expo News

Interview in Build Expo News

The marble market, although it shows a growth trajectory, still lags behind the sizes of 2019, Mr. Haris Manologlou, President and CEO of the company Marmara Granites Manologlou SA, speaking to OIKODOMI EXPO News, emphasizes.

Mr. Manologlou notes that the rise in prices and the increase in energy costs is a reality that complicates all sectors, including construction, and estimates that product prices are expected to move up by 10%. Mr. Manologlou characterizes the OIKODOMI exhibition as a good opportunity to meet the people of the construction industry, emphasizing that it can be a connecting link not only between seller-buyer but also those working in the field for an exchange of views on the course of the sector.

How did the marble market move last year and how is it evolving this year? What are your forecasts for the next period?
Better than 2020 but has not yet reached the levels of 2018-2019. It will continue in the next period as steadily as in 2021 but it will be slow to reach the levels of 2019.

Your company has a strong international footprint. In which markets are you active and in which indicative international projects have you participated?
We operate in the European market, in Russia, in the Middle East and in North and South America. Some of our works are the renovated Acropolis Museum. Also, the burberry stores in airports such as China, Helsinki and San Francisco, have chosen marbles from us. Shopping malls in Poland and the Netherlands are also some of our projects.

What sets you apart from the competition? What is your comparative advantage as a company?
With 40 years of experience and active activity in the field of marble and natural stones, our company Marbles Granites Manologlou SA, specializes in the construction of projects with high requirements and attention to detail, based on the functionality and aesthetics of each space. As a company we focus on good raw material, the quality of the material as well as the appropriate subsequent processing, based on the specifications of each project.

How much have you been affected by inflationary pressures? How are product prices expected to move in the next period in view of the increased energy costs?
The situation with rising prices and rising energy costs is a reality that is difficult for all sectors, including construction. We anticipate an increase of 10%. However, as in all industries, we adapt to change and find ways to evolve in an ever-changing environment.

What are your estimates for the domestic construction market? What message do you want to send in view of the big exhibition of the construction and construction sector that will take place in October?
We anticipate an increase in the domestic market. There is an interest of foreign investors in the purchase and sale of real estate as well as a general professional activity in our country, a fact that is quite positive. The exhibition is a good opportunity to meet the people of the construction industry. It is a link not only between the seller-buyer but also the employees in the space with each other to exchange views on the sector.



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