Dark or light marble options

assinis silver

Dark or light marble options

Are you in a dilemma during the process of choosing natural material?

Dark or light in color;

Some options below:

Assinis Silver marble: Its origin is Greek. It is a hard, durable, gray material with soft, white tones that is chosen by many. It is a classic marble, of high durability, quite timeless and remains a classic choice, thanks to its neutral and elegant shade.

Pentelikon marble: Greek marble. Dionysos marble is a safe choice, white marble shade. Thin crystalline streaks of green color can be seen on large surfaces of the material. It is a bright material and stands out especially in sunny places while in places with low light, its white surface emits natural light.

A criterion in the process of finding material is the general “feel” you want to give to your space, the style of construction and decoration, the style that the space will emit. Think if you want to give a minimal touch, serious aesthetics or a lighter feeling to the space? What other materials will you equip and decorate your space with?

Ιn any material you end up with , it’s stability and durability over time will be “ingredients” of an investment that will reward you over time.

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Photo taken in our showroom

see the materials bellow:

Assinis Silver : https://www.greek-marbles.com/product/greekmarbles/assinis-silver/

Pentelikon: https://www.greek-marbles.com/product/greekmarbles/%cf%80%ce%b5%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%b9%ce%ba%cf%8c-%ce%b4%ce%b9%cf%8c%ce%bd%cf%85%cf%83%ce%bf%cf%82/


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