Azul Macaubas 3d visualization bookmatch

Azul Macaubas 3d visualization bookmatch

Quarzite is a widespread, natural igneous, plutonium rock with high hardness. The azul macaubas also belongs to this category. It comes from Brazil. It was created by the solidification and crystallization of magma inside the crust at great depth, so it has all-crystalline, granular tissue. Its texture also determines its color.

It is blue and decorates buildings, intimate, large and small constructions.

It is an ideal solution for holiday homes as its deep blue-blue color is a choice “safe” but at the same time special. From this material are made wonderful tables of high aesthetics, small multipurpose cubes and decorations such as ashtrays or plates. This blue material is combined with steel elements, with wood and iron, elements that highlight and highlight the shiny and crystalline appearance of the material

This image is a virtual three-dimensional representation of a living room with marble wall cladding with azul macaubas. There is furniture in soft tones and earthy shades that match the natural blue color of the material. The wooden element is also a complementary element in a living room that is made of natural materials.

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